Carving a Wild Boar’s head!!

1 March, 2011 – 11:25 am

Well here he is, I have taken a series of photos, which help to document the week! What a tough week it was, rain sunshine wind hailstones and me sitting outside carving in it-well not the hail stones!!!!

I chose to carve a Wild Boar’s head because of the connection to the Forest of Dean! I chose not to carve the head and the body because I only had 7 days, and I’m pretty sure he’s big life-size!!!

I was carving Tetbury limestone from Veizeys Quarry-my favourite, not just because of the colour, but also the hardness-I don’t like carving anything too soft, it is actually more difficult!

Well here are some photos from Monday!

As you can see he is still just a rough block of stone, but I have put some saw cuts in to start to identify where his ears are going to be!

Here you can start to see where his tusks are going to be, it is important when carving stone to know how much and where to leave stone in order to create the final features! 






So he is finished and he now has a new home!

  1. 2 Responses to “Carving a Wild Boar’s head!!”

  2. Hi Carrie, your boar’s head is cute! He doesn’t look fierce but rather friendly!
    Like the look of your new workshop too.

    By pauline on Mar 6, 2011

  3. Hi Pauline, I am very pleased with my Boar’s Head! I think my style of carving is pre-disposed to friendly!
    I can’t carve fiersome , angry or angst! Maybe something to do with my childhood!!

    By Carrie Horwood on Mar 7, 2011

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