House names and numbers

6 December, 2010 – 7:19 pm

Some of you have asked for prices of my house names and numbers!

It’s quite difficult without knowing what you would like, but a house number carved in a 5″x4″ piece of Forest of Dean sandstone, unpainted with fixings provided will cost £20. obviously if you would like a larger piece of stone, more numbers, gilded with 23&3/4 gold leaf or painted it will be more!

House names can be carved on a large standing stone, carved in situe on a built in piece of stone, or on a smallish piece-depending on the number and size of letters! Prices start from £50 and go up depending on all of the above!

If you would like me to come to your house and carve into a piece of stone in your wall, prices start from £200, depending on how far I have to travel and how much carving is involved.

If you would like a motif carved into the house name or number, these start from £45 (on top of the price for the lettering)-once again depending on how much detail and the size!

I hope that this gives you some food for thought!


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