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1 August, 2010 – 1:44 pm

I have been working on quite a few different projects.

Obviously the one I have been dying to get on with is my big waves! here are some photos of how I am getting on.

This is a very large piece of Tetbury limestone from Veizeys Quarry near Tetbury. It is approx 2ft cubed, but obviously as I carve it the size and shape changes. The finish will be completely smooth, at the moment, the punch and claw are still the chisels of choice, but I am starting to develop the lines and shapes more using the inch flat chisel.

I am very proud to announce that I will be displaying some of  my sculptures at Lower Slaughter Manor in The Cotswolds. I am currently designing a sculpture to be put into their garden later in the year. Which will be followed early next year with another sculpture for their garden.

My current commission is inspired by Raphaels Sanzio Angels, sadly it is for a memorial, however I do feel very privileged to be asked to do this. My client saw my sculptures and was certain of my capabilities. This is a very difficult sculpture as it is not a direct copy, but an interpretation of an idea-which is not my own. It is very exciting, but also quite scary.

I have started discussions regarding the 2013 International Stone Masons Festival. Obviously the 1st thing is to secure the site, as soon as I have details I will post them on the website.


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