1 January, 2010 – 7:44 pm

Commissioning a work of art is very straightforward, I can show you images of commissions that I have carried out in the past which may give you some ideas, or you may have a totally unique idea that you would like carved in stone.

This can be a table top cut from slate a sculpture to serve as a feature in your home or garden or some lettering.

I use various stones to create my carvings; Red Sandstone from the Forest of Dean, Slate from Delabole in North Cornwall. I am planning on stocking Welsh Slate as well, Tetbury Limestone from Veizeys Quarry, Various other Cotwold Limestone and Portland Limestone from Dorset.

I cut the letters by hand using various chisels. I have a large selection of lettering styles and can create new fonts to your specifications. ‘Wildwood’ in my gallery was designed for one of my customers.

I can carve house name, numbers, poems, phrases that are pertinent to you. The prices depend on the size of the letters, number of characters and the finish-this can be left as it is cut, painted in a variety of colours or gilded using 23 and 3/4 gold leaf. I also carve memorial stones for the dearly departed. I don’t put photos of these on my website but would be more than happy to discuss this in person and show you some examples.

As a traditionally trained stonemason, I can undertake conservation and restoration work, cleaning statues, repointing-using lime mortars and simple stonemasonry projects.


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