Whoosh, sculpture in Portland Limestone.

1 June, 2009 – 1:26 pm

Well here she is from start to finish,

This carving has taken about 8wks, however it was carved over a period of 3mths.


Portland limestone is incredibly hard, around the bottom of the sculpture there are some large oyster shell fossils and on the side there is a fossil of a Razor clam!!

This stone was reclaimed from an old Victorian building, this doesn’t effect the quality of the stone, in fact the stone is harder because it has oxidised.

Stone is a little like wood in that it seasons. when it is first quarried it has quarry sap in it as this evaporates and crystalises the stone becomes harder.

I think she is finished, however, I like to leave my carvings for a little while-just in case I want to refine anything.

I am beginning to find the shapes that I am carving are becoming more exciting with every carving. these shapes are inspired by rocks and waves that I have seen both as I was growing up, but also on the visits thst I have made to coastal areas over the last few years. 


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