Work in Progress

9 June, 2008 – 10:06 pm

I was hoping to get the dogs head finished on Sunday but my workshop took longer than I had anticipated- sorry to my customer if he is reading this. I hope to get him finished on Tuesday.

Old chapel house is finished and looks gorgeous, I have another one to start on Wednesday, Sleepy Hollow, the customer brought their own piece of stone, this is absolutely fine, but I need to inspect the stone first to make sure it’s not to weathered or too hard! I will be gilding it with 231/2-carat gold leaf it will look fabulous when it’s done.

Gilding is very tricky, the glue has to be at the right tackiness otherwise the gold doesn’t shine, too wet and it leaves a dull finish, too dry and it’s patchy and must be touched up.

I carved the craft centre sign, the landlord now wants it gilded, it will probably take about 50 leaves of gold as its so big, also it’s outside so I will need to have a cover over me, we can never guarantee a completely dry or still day. I love the British weather!


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