Welcome to my website!

28 May, 2008 – 9:03 pm


Hello and welcome to my new website.

I have many exciting ideas for what I would like to do with this site.

For instance, I love finding interesting and useful books so there will be book reviews, obviously tools are very important in my craft so I will have an area where I will be able to tell you what is useful and where to find it.

For all the masons out there I would like to set up a register of stonemasons marks and where they can be seen. Mine of course being a Cat’s eye!

I have just successfully organised a charity stonemasons festival so there will be a blog dedicated to this, photos of the weekend can be found at www.rdpphotography.co.uk and www.philippebrevet.com

Keep checking the site for interesting info on a fascinating craft and new photos of my work on my gallery.


I’ll get back to you soon,



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