My Hare carving.

4 April, 2020 – 8:36 pm

I have been working on lots of different things over the last 2 wks, I ave finally finished my limestone carving of a hare. 

It is hand carved out of French limestone from the South West region of France.

This carving is for sale at £600 if you are interested please get in touch.


I’m still hard at work

3 April, 2020 – 10:00 am

To those of you who have just found me, welcome.
This year I am celebrating 15 yrs in business. It was set to be my best year ever and although these are worrying times for all self employed people, I am keeping myself busy with work around my home and garden as well as working from home carving.
My workshop is at a craft centre between the Forest of Dean and South Wales. It is obviously closed at the moment but I am going there once a week to work on the few commissions that I have left to finish. I do house-names and numbers as well as animal and people portraits, sculptures for your home and garden. During the school holidays I normally run activities and at the moment I have an almost 4 tonne block of Forest of Dean sandstone lying outside my workshop waiting to be stood up so that I can get on with my most prestigious commission, a war memorial for the parish of Mitcheldean and Abenhall. 

I am currently renovating a garden shed, it was grotty, rotten shelves, rat droppings, fresh rat holes and lots of spiders, My boyfriend and I dismantled the shelves with the help of my trusty dremel and a multitude of screwdrivers and my cordless drill driver. Once this was all done I used my workshop hoover to suck away all the cobwebs and years of grim dust. 

When I removed the rotten random pieces of wood that were on the floor I found a quarter of the floor had bricks laid so I decided to finish it with bricks, initially I was going to lay concrete  but we’re in lock-down I can’t get concrete for a home project.

Popped to my studio and carved a house number on a piece of Welsh slate, painted the house sign that I carved last week and brought some more supplies home to kit out my home working shed. (I was on my own and it’s only up the road)
The good thing about being a stonemason is that I have things like lime and stone dust, I also have a partially gone off bag of ciment fondue-it’s no use for what I bought it for but I can use it for the rat holes. I have a wall to re-point where the shed is built up against the old brick privy. The rats have dug deep holes in one corner so I’m going to fill that with rubble from previous carvings and then put the ciment fondue down there. 

I had been taming the brambles and Ivy last week and found a cache of bricks so I dug these out. There were lots of full bricks and lots of half bricks, it was apparent that there wouldn’t be enough whole bricks so what I had went in the middle of the floor. Goodness me that is hard work, I did dig the floor to try and level it but my back really isn’t up for digging so although the floor will be flat, it won’t be level.

My shed is coming on really nicely. From a spider infested, rat holes floor and rotten shelves it now has a brick floor. Just got to put the 2nd coat of paint on, re-point some of the joints in the brick wall and lime-wash it.

I have also been carving a Hare out of a piece of French limestone, this is the carving that has featured on my Youtube channel. I’m going to finish this carving today and my next project will be a face of a woman with a side plait in a piece of Tetbury limestone.

If you would like to purchase anything I will be uploading more pictures of what I have available to buy from my shop, I can take credit card payments over the phone and post your purchase out to you. Obviously this is within reason.

I also have a stock of stone in my workshop so if you would like to commission anything please get in touch. I am still working and with my home-working shed almost finished it will be even easier to get on with my work.


These Welsh slate house signs are in the process of being painted and eventually gilded. I also use Forest of dean Sandstone and Cornish slate.

Stay safe everyone and thank you for reading.


The sun is shining.

25 March, 2020 – 9:25 am
Going to be working from my studio today as I have a house sign to finish carving. Seeing as the site is closed I might take the opportunity to work out in the sunshine.
I plan on making some new items for my shop so that I am fully prepared for when this is all over. I am going to be very delayed on the start of the war memorial so will need all the time I have to get it finished.
If you would like to discuss a commission for anything this can be done over the phone via email and even skype if necessary.

At the moment I don’t have a waiting list but there is roughly a 2 week turnaround. I do have a small selection of sandstone and slate in my studio for house names and numbers and some larger blocks if you would like something in particular for you home or garden.
The commissions and sales that I take during the year are what my business relies on obviously this is not the case at the moment as there are no visitors allowed.
I can take payments over the phone or through bacs and we are still allowed to post out so if you do want anything please get in touch.
Take care everyone x

Cat’s Eye Carving is on YouTube

20 March, 2020 – 12:12 pm

I have decided to set up a YouTube channel, here you can keep up to date with what I am working on in my studio.

Even though you can’t visit me in person you can still watch the progress of a commission, carvings for my shop and when I start it the War memorial.

I will keep you updated with everything I do, if you want me to send you pictures of what I have in my shop, you can pay over the phone and I can post things to you.

Please take care.



War memorial

17 March, 2020 – 2:12 pm

The stone has arrived and I am currently waiting for the gantry crane to be swapped over as the stone is heavier than was planned for. I am indebted to Reid Lifting, they are being so helpful by providing me with the equipment that I need for free and for the duration of the project.

Once the stone is upright then I can draw out the design and make a start, that all sounds very straightforward but it will take me roughly a week. There are 8 more names to add to the 1st world war side and 2 on the 2nd world war side. For the 1st world war carving this does involve a slight redraw to ensure that the names fit comfortably on the stone, I will do this once the stone is upright as the face is very random, so I need to design it around the irregularities.

As long as I can start the carving by the beginning of April I will still complete it in time for the unveiling on the 15th October.

I am located in a craft centre and I have taken the decision to close my doors to the public until further notice. I will be in my studio working as normal. Once the stone is upright I will be working outside anyway but due to the time element I will have to restrict questions by any visitors to on the hour during my stretch break. There are a few people collecting commissions so this will not change unless they decide to wait. 

This is an interesting and difficult time for everyone but if you would like to discuss a commission you can phone or email me.