Back to normal

29 May, 2015 – 10:12 am

The excitement of the Gloucester Stone Carving festival is almost behind us now, I still have some bills to pay and then I will be able to announce how much there is to give to The Llanthony Secunda Priory Trust.

For now however I am able to knuckle down and get back on with the day to day running of Cat’s Eye Carving.

I have three lettering pieces that I gilded last week and so when I return to work tomorrow, 30th May I will be able to complete them. There are several large commissions that I am champing at the bit to start and obviously I need to get on and carve some lovely new pieces for the shop.

I hope to see you soon.


Gloucester Stone Carving Festival

17 May, 2015 – 11:01 am

Hello everyone, I have been organising the festival now for the last 6mths and in less than a week we’ll be setting it all up, I have pop-up shops and activities including my ever popular have a goes. I am joined this time by one of the  Gloucester Cathedral Stonemasons, Neil. There is a donations bin and all money raised will go into the festival pot for future events.

There are 24 stonemasons carving at this years event and the theme is wild animals-which is why I carved is an elephant for the raffle prize, tickets are just £2.

As you may be aware from 2013 the calibre of carvings was very high and so I look forward to the auction this year which will take place on Sunday 24th May at 3pm. We have a professional auctioneer who has kindly offered his time and skill to help us raise as much money as possible for The Llanthony Secunda Priory Trust. Bidding will start at £50 and I can accept cash and credit card payments.

If you wish to find more details please visit my dedicated website

I look forward to seeing you there.


What am I up to?

27 April, 2015 – 3:46 pm

You’ll be pleased to hear that my ankle is healing well and I am back at work.

I have been working on various letter cutting commissions and have a few smaller items to work on. Obviously the big project I am currently engaged with is my Stone Carving Festival that I am organising.
It will take place next month on the 23rd and 24th May.

Hosting my festival will be The Llanthony Secunda Priory, an Augustinian Priory dating back to the early 12th century. The festival will raise money in the form of an auction, what will we auction I hear you cry…..

There will be 20+ stonemasons all carving a piece of limestone generously donated by Veizeys Quarry nr Tetbury. Visit for more details on this stone.

They will all be carving an animal themed stone carving and on Sunday at 3pm there will be a grand live auction where you, the general public will have the opportunity to walk away with a magnificent and unique sculpture. You will also contribute to the funds that The Priory trust desperately need to raise to get this beautiful site back into use. visit for info on their future plans.

As well as the stonemasons there will also be activities, displays and pop-up shops, visit my other website for all the updates and information


Sprained ankle

16 April, 2015 – 10:37 am

I am very sorry but unfortunately I sprained my ankle and I am unable to walk or drive at the moment. This does mean that I will be off work for a few days. I hope to be back at the beginning of next week.

If you wish to discuss a commission I am happy to talk to you over the phone or alternatively please email me. Details are on my contact page


The Gloucester Stone Carving Festival

29 March, 2015 – 1:19 pm

Only 8wks to go, how exciting.

Everything is droping into place and if you would like all the information and updates as they happen please visit my dedicated website