Commission to carve a Brown Bear

13 January, 2017 – 12:54 pm

Happy New Year, As you can see I am progressing well with this commission to carve a Brown Bear eating a fish.

I have drilled under his chin, that really took some doing as the stone is pretty hard but I am managing to dig out the stone to show off his belly full of Salmon.

I estimate another 10 days work which will be done between carving other commissions so the next batch of photos will be to the finish.

I have some house names and numbers to work on as well as some more sculptural commissions, carved out of Forest of Dean sandstone, Tetbury limestone and Portland limestone but there is always space for more commissions so if you have any project you would like to discuss please come in for a chat

I am also working on designs for a War memorial for a Church in The Forest of Dean, it will have some detailed carving of a first and second World War soldier carved in relief as well as a substantial amount of letter cutting and masonry. I will use Portland limestone and Forest of Dean Sandstone.

If you would like to see the designs please pop in and have a look, if I do get this commission it will be about 6mths work in 2018 and would be a huge honour to help commemorate those who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
I don’t have it yet and the next stage is to provide a quote and finalise the design to present to the committee.

I look forward to welcoming you to my workshop.


House Names and Numbers

22 December, 2016 – 11:04 am


Last commission delivered and put up. This house sign isn’t carved but painted and gilded on Welsh roof slate.

I currently have commissions into the beginning of March so if you would like to discuss your requirements please get in touch.



Carving a face

4 December, 2016 – 10:53 am


For me as a sculptor in stone I strivevto become better with each carving.

Although I do make clay models to practise and understand in a much technically easier way, the final sculpture is stone.

This is a practise portrait of no one in particular. I am carving directly with no drawing or maquette to work from.

As you are probably aware once I remove the stone I can’t put it back so by searching for the best way to carve an eye ball with eyelids or a mouth that looks like it will open eventually I will get it just right.

This is a very exciting journey, as I look back at previous carvings I can see how to improve them for next time.

The various types of stone make a huge difference, the amount of detail obtainable depends on how course the stone is.

This is a piece of Sandstone from St Bees in Cumbria. It is very dense with fine particles making it suitable for a greater amount of detail.

There are no fossils to intefere with the detail but at the same time it is not fine or dense enough to polish. I would need marble to achieve that type of finish.

As you can see this is still very much a work in progress but without this type of developmental carving I would not improve.


What’s for sale in my shop at the moment

26 November, 2016 – 8:55 pm

I took some photos before I left today of my beautifully full shelves, I hope this gives you an idea of how hard I have been working to bring you some unique gift ideas for you and your friends and family.

The Noël in the 4th picture with the bookends is a reversible 3 tea-light holder, I have carved the word home on the other side and painted it silver.

I have put a few close up pictures in this post, The Faith, £65, Hope, £57 and Charity, £81 are carved in beautiful lilac Forest of Dean sandstone and finished with 23 & 3/4 carat gold leaf.

In the first picture I have a lovely piece of very hard Blakeney red sandstone, carved with acorns and oak leaves on 3 faces & drilled to create a pillar candle holder this costs £75, in pictures 6 & 7 there are some more examples of The Forest of Dean sandstone some with decoration and some left plain. I have carved an oak leaf on the four faces of a single tea-light holder in Blakeney sandstone this costs £42.

I hope these pictures tempt you to visit and perhaps buy one of my treasures.

I am happy to chat about commissions if you don’t see what you are looking for. I already have a pretty full January and I am currently taking commissions to work on in February.

Thanks for looking hopefully and if you would like any more help please get in touch.


Final photos for Art Nouveau Style Memorial

25 November, 2016 – 12:51 pm

I hadn’t realised that I haven’t posted the final photos for the Art Nouveau inspired sculpture memorial that I carved for Highgate Cemetery in London.

Portland limestone is a very fine stone and ideal for this type of carving, I would love to attempt something similar in marble one day but need to practice with that stone as it is harder and more difficult to work with but the final finish can be much finer and smoother leading to a greater amount of detail.

I was terrified when she was lowered onto the pallet-not because I didn’t trust the men moving my sculpture but because my sculpture was finished and was leaving, no more tinkering she was off to be a poignant reminder of a loved one’s life.

I am very proud of this sculpture, it represents a culmination of the training, hard work and dedication I have towards my work but it is also as with all my carvings a stepping stone towards the future. My carving will continue to improve and I look forward to this journey with anticipation and excitement.