Ideas for Christmas gifts

14 December, 2014 – 10:44 am

I have been working very hard to bring you some lovely gifts for Christmas or to ornament your home and garden

I have a selection of carvings from a simple design using Holly and Ivy to complicated knotwork on pillar candle holders. Prices range from £4 for a delicate little heart etched in a piece of Welsh slate up to several thousand for a more elaborate piece of beautiful sculpture.

I have designed several new candle holders and words to embellish your home and make a unique gift for your friends and family.

I hope you like what you see and this is the tip of the iceberg as I have jewellery more bookends and plenty more designs yet to be carved.

Have a very Happy Christmas and I hope to see you soon.


What’s the question? A new sculpture in Tetbury limestone.

16 November, 2014 – 8:45 pm

Have been fired up by my disappointment at a recent visit to a sculpture exhibition I have started a new sculpture which I want to engage and excite the viewer.

My first aim was to design a carving that is now, not a Greek inspired Roman goddess or a Barbara Hepworth/Henry Moore rip off.

Secondly to engage and provoke without shock-why does sculpture have to shock? and  finally a clothed figure-it’s actually harder to carve a fully clothed figure as I have to make you think that there is a body underneath.

I am tired of seeing the same old sculptures and I hope that my new sculpture will make you look and wonder what she is saying? What is the question?

My design is a young modern woman wearing boot cut jeans and DM boots. Her hair is a plait over one shoulder and she is gesturing with one hand up and the other hand is in her pocket. Her weight is on one hip giving tension and movement and an interesting twist to her body, any minute now she is going to shift her weight to the other foot and continue her conversation. She is engaged with you-the viewer and what you are talking about is up to you!

Obviously there is a lot of work to do still this represents about a weeks hard work! I am carving limestone from Veizeys Quarry in Tetbury and it is 3ft x 11 x 11 inches. So about half life size.

The design is from my imagination and I did the drawing after I started my carving to cement the idea and give myself and the viewer an idea of what I am trying to achieve!



Week off

15 November, 2014 – 8:49 pm

Hi everyone, I am having some ceilings put into my workshop-where the stairs and kilns used to be, therefore I am closing from the 24th Nov-28th Nov, it’s also the week of my 40th birthday so it works for me!!

I will be back in my workshop on the 29th. Sorry for any disappointment


Latest jewellery.

19 October, 2014 – 12:49 pm

I started making jewellery about 5 yrs ago but using bought stones and silver plated wire, I tinkered with silver wire and finally 2yrs ago taught myself to silver solder, in that time I have been tumbling more and I have become more creative finally making earrings and using only stones that I make. This latest selection is the culmination of several months preparing and designing. Obviously having a larger workshop has helped enormously as I have several work areas set up depending on what I need to do next.

The pendants are hung on leather thongs with silver plated findings but if you want I can make them with sterling silver findings but this will alter the cost.

I can make earrings with clip on fixings if you don’t have your earring pierced -these are tried and tested by a customer so I am happy that they are suitable for the task.



Commissions and stone carvings for sale

16 October, 2014 – 9:30 pm

Well I have been busy working on many different types of stone carving from the smallest carved initial to a portrait of a loved pet.

I have plenty of house names and numbers that I am working on as well as new carvings, pendants and earrings which are available for sale in my shop. (photos to follow)

I know that it is still only early Autumn but as you may be aware I design, hand carve and hand finish everything that I sell and as such I have to start working on my Christmas range now.

If you wish to commission something for yourself or a loved one specifically for Christmas please place your order as soon as possible to ensure that I can make them in time.

If you wish to place a non-seasonal commission I am booking in for January now.

Thank you,

Hope to see you soon.