A present for your valentine

12 February, 2020 – 12:43 pm

Are you looking for something original and quirky for your Valentine this year?

I hand carve stone carvings from my studio at Taurus Crafts nestled on the edge of the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.

I design and create stone carvings and all my pieces are unique. There is plenty of choice from a cute heart to a cheeky grotesque.

I hand carve a wide selection of stone from Gloucestershire, Dorset, Wales and France, I specialise in letter carving in Forest of Dean sandstone and can design something bespoke or you can choose from my selection of calligraphy styles.

I’m also a dab hand at carving people and animals and I love using limestone for these as it has a more delicate look and a finer detail can be obtained.

So if there is something that I can help you to ornament your home or garden, as a present for your Valentine or something special just for you please come and see me.

I am open most days but please check my opening times or get in touch.


Ceiling boss carving.

19 January, 2020 – 3:43 pm

Last year I put some photos of a design that I had drawn for a ceiling boss, I have finally got round to starting it.

I have been working on it this week and this represents about 20 hrs work so far.

I hope to carry on with it next week but I have some commissions to carve and I need to carve some more initials to restock my shelves.


Happy New Year

31 December, 2019 – 1:19 pm

We are at the start of a new decade and I will be celebrating 15 yrs in business.

Thank you all for supporting and reading my website. I look forward to showing you all my latest and most important commission so far. The stone for the War memorial will be arriving in March. Until then however I still have plenty of commissions to keep me going.

Wishing all of you a healthy and happy new year, here’s to a magnificent 2020

Thank you, Carrie.


Christmas with Cat’s Eye Carving.

12 November, 2019 – 1:39 pm

If you are looking for something creative and unique this Christmas then look no further.

I design and carve a variety of individually hand crafted pieces available for you to buy from me at Taurus Crafts,
(a lovely craft centre on the A48 nr Chepstow). I have a superb studio where I work year round on commissions and my unique items.

I use Sandstone from several different quarries in the Forest of Dean & Cumbria, Welsh and Cornish slate, Limestone from Tetbury in South Gloucestershire, Portland in Dorset and Lavoux in France, to bring you some lovely coloured stone. I also hand carve wood.
When I draw out my designs, I choose the right stone or wood to enhance the design, I hand carve words, letters, bookends, faces, tealight holders. I use my imagination and the inspiration that I get from drawing from life, studying historic carvings and whatever I can think of…my mind never stops working on new designs and how to get the most out of the materials that I use.

I also design and make beautiful Welsh slate, seed pearl and sterling silver jewellery.

All these things are available for sale from my shop at the moment, there is plenty of choice as I have been working hard to fill my shelves especially for your delight.

As well as my own creations I also sell stunning metal pieces lovingly crafted by Missfire. Clare will be minding my shop for me from 12 – 5 on the 30th Nov.


Different faces.

30 October, 2019 – 10:30 am

During my Degree which I graduated from 20yrs ago I studied portraiture in both 2D and 3D. We would sculpt in clay taking precise measurements from people sitting for us. As I became more competent, it would take me roughly 24hrs over a period of several weeks to create a good likeness. This would then be cast in plaster.

I can now use silicone moulds and a material called Jesmonite to create my casts but most of the figures and faces I create now come from my imagination and are carved into stone. However my imagination is backed up with years of practise and plenty of drawing.

I mentioned in my previous post the many sketchbooks that I have and I use these as my reference source. When I have a specific commission my sketchbook pages will be dedicated to the workings for this.

These 3 carvings are all quite different and show how I can carve the stone to give different feelings.

A small chip with a particular chisel gives the impression of thought, sleepiness or in the case of Poseidon, strength. Carving on a small scale as 2 of these are is very difficult as there is only a finite amount of stone to use, the Green man carving is a little easier because he is completely made up but even so giving him a smily face, you can almost see his rosy cheeks is a challenge in itself as there is no paint, just stone.

I am happy to take on commissions for any type of portrait or you can choose from one of the faces I have on my shelf.