Scally is finished.

18 August, 2014 – 12:36 pm

Well here are the last photos of my carving of a portrait of Scally.

His owners came in on Saturday morning with Scally trotting along side them and they loved my carving which was a relief!

This commission took approximately 7 weeks from the clay model through to the finished carving and was a real test of my patience and skill.



Scally update!

5 August, 2014 – 10:00 am

Here are the latest photos of a commission to carve a Bichon Frise in Portland limestone.

As you may recollect, I started with a clay model which I made from photographs and Scally the dog, once the model was approved I cast it in plaster and have been working from this cast taking meticulous measurements.

Well now I am able to join the dots and start to take more detailed measurements to identify the details in his face and body.



What’s in my shop at the moment?

2 August, 2014 – 9:32 am

I have been creating new carvings for sale in my shop but I have too many carvings for sale to take individual photos.

So here are photos from my shop.

I can take orders for practically anything carved from most stone.

If you see something you like and would like to reserve it then I can take credit card payments over the phone.


More photos of Scally

1 August, 2014 – 8:05 pm

Well this is a very tricky process and due to the interest this carving is generating it is taking a lot longer to carve;

Obviously I am progressing more each day and hope to finish him in about 10 days!



Latest photos of Scally, a portrait of a dog.

9 July, 2014 – 8:31 pm

Well the last photos I posted of Scally were before I moved into my new space, so I have been pretty busy getting resettled and keeping on top of my commissions!

7wks after packing up my old workshop and moving into a larger space I am finally in a position to show you how far I have got with this latest portrait.

Obviously having Scally in my workshop and being able to observe him and take more photos I was able to compete the clay model and my customer was very happy with the result. I then cast the clay model which is a very messy but it’s great fun. This process takes only about a week to complete but must be done over a period of weeks in order to allow the plaster to dry between stages.

Using the plaster cast I start to identify relevant points to measure and then transfer and cut away into the stone

As you can see I have the plaster cast set up on a level board inside a drawn in footprint of the stone.

I estimate that this will take me two weeks to complete, it is a very technical process and it is very important to remain patient and not take too much stone away at the wrong time!