Designs for letter Cutting.

13 September, 2016 – 1:10 pm


I am busy designing some lettering to carve for my shop.

The stone is sandstone from Birch Hill in the Forest of Dean. I am designing the letters as I go. These are not copied from a book but inspired by the many forms of calligraphy and my own imagination.

The letters will be painted in either gold or silver unless someone requests a different colour.



Commission to carve a Brown Bear

4 September, 2016 – 5:20 pm

Here are some more photos of my carving of a Brown Bear in Tetbury limestone.

As you can see I have spent some more time carving around the face and the difference is obvious. I am gradually working my way around the stone carving and the shapes of the Bear.



Commission to carve a Brown Bear

2 September, 2016 – 9:10 pm

This commission is incredibly interesting. The Brown Bear is such a beautiful creature.

The stone is from Veizeys Quarry nr Tetbury in South Gloucestershire, there are a lot of fossils and hard calcite veins running through this piece if stone which lends itself to the rugged nature of the wild animal.

I have chosen to carve the Bear eating a salmon so he has one paw up to his muzzle and the other holding the end of the fish.

They have a dog like quality in their faces and I still have a lot of work to do the first stage is to rough out the basic shape then gradually become more refined.

The carving is still very simplistic as this only represents a weeks work but you will be able to see the progress as I publish more photos.


What’s new in my workshop

18 July, 2016 – 2:49 pm

Here are some images for the latest selection of work. Some of these are commissions and some are available in my shop.

I have started to create sculptures that I can cast, these are still unique to me and as each one is hand finished they are ever so slightly different but as they are casts they will cost less. As an example, the Green man would cost about £400 if I were to carve him in stone but these casts only cost £95 each. Jesmonite the raw material, is not a cheap to buy but is non toxic, weatherproof and light. I can mix pigments with it or as I have done with these pieces, paint it.

I have also finished some more clocks, these are all hand carved and finished, the hands can be ordered to suit your taste and I can make them with any design you would like. I am currently working on a very small range, the smallest being 2.5 x 4 inches in Welsh sandstone with small hands to complement it.

A few of my commissions appear in this collection of images, I continue to work through my letter cutting and have just cleared space to start the bear carving. Unfortunately due to some red tape I am running a bit behind schedule, so I am currently taking commissions which will be carved in Sept/Oct.


Hand Carved Slate Clocks

6 July, 2016 – 9:02 am

I get immense satisfaction as an artist, a designer and a stonemason. I have the ability to use my raw materials and create beautiful and unique carvings.

Today I am working on some more clocks. This utilises my love of designing the numbers, letters and embellishments and bringing my customers something interesting and original to their homes.


Obviously there is quite alot of work involved and these uncarved clocks represent 4hrs work already.

Once they are carved, cleaned and any rough edges removed I will then get on to working out the colour schemes for each clock. I have already chosen the hands.

These clocks will be ready next week.

I look forward to showing you the finished carvings.