Carving drawings and painting

15 November, 2017 – 2:41 pm

As you may have read from my last entry I have started to sell my paintings.

I have just had my painting of the gourd framed .

The pastel drawings are some of my designs that will be printed as cards and pictures.

The small face that I have carved in Portland limestone is my very latest sculpture and is a very exciting progression for me. I am really pleased with the thoughtful expression that I have captured and how my carvings are developing.

I am also carving some more words, letters and tealight holders, hopefully you will agree with me that they are great ideas for Christmas. The ones in the picture are not quite finished yet but will be on the shelf by Friday.


My paintings and drawings.

7 November, 2017 – 3:49 pm

As an artist it is very difficult to get the balance right, particularly in such an industrial art-form.

Just recently I had some time off to rest my back and decided to do some drawing. I like to draw, obviously I  need to design and sketch for my commissions and stone carvings that I sell in my studio but for some reason I haven’t been working towards selling my drawings.

A part of me forgot that fine art was the basis of my degree and that as I trained as a stonemason I could only make my living from my stone carving and letter cutting.

I have been sketching with an aim to having them printed for cards and I have also been working on some pastel drawings and oil paintings to have framed to sell as the originals.

I have reset the balance and I am taking time to develop my drawing and painting.

Here are just two of my original paintings ready to sell.  


Bacchus Green Man Carving

8 October, 2017 – 2:39 pm

I love designing and carving and I have been carving a lot of lovely commissions both letter cutting and sculptural but as they are commissions they get picked up and then they are gone.

My latest hand carved Green Man is a design that I drew 3yrs ago and I decided it was time to make a start. 

I have a lovely piece of Portland limestone which comes from Dorset, hard and dense at one end but hard and fossil rich at the other. It gives me immense satisfaction to work on something that I designed but will also give you and my visitors an idea of my carving ability to date, as obviously I get better year on year.

I will keep you updated with the progress but obviously my commissions must come first so it’ll be a few more weeks before this carving is finished. 

This piece of Portland limestone is very interesting as it has Roach Bed at one end and base Bed at the other. I bought this piece of stone from a retiring stonemason but if someone commissioned a carving I would buy it from my supplier in Dorset, Albion Stone and would favour Bowers Base Bed, it has a dense matrix and a lovely pink hue.

This means that the stone cuts through various layers of quality. The Roach bed is full of fossils but also full of holes where the fossils didn’t form, this is a challenge as I need to work carefully around these weaknesses or features depending on how I approach the material. At the other end of my carving is the Base Bed, also the best quality as it has very few if any fossils in the stone and can hold a lovely crisp edge. This stone is forcing me to be more creative and inventive with the shapes of the leaves and vine. 




Hand carved house signs and the Green man

17 September, 2017 – 1:32 pm

This week has been one of finishing some hand carved Welsh slate commissions and finishing/starting some new stone carvings.

As a traditionally trained stonemason with a background in sculpture through school and at University I have a unique set of skills which give me the creativity of my art and the discipline of my stonemasonry. The connection between these two 3D art forms becomes apparent when I design my sculptures. This Green man takes his roots from the Bacchus God, I have used Grapes, vines and the vine leaves to create this beautiful creature and the finished carving could be as I have designed him to be supported by corbels, as a door or fireplace lintel or built into a wall. I drew the design 3 years ago and sometimes this is how long one of my carvings takes to come to fruition. I am using Portland limestone which is perfect for this detailed carving. 

The Green man with berries is a carving I started a few years ago and I decided to finish him this week as a practice to the Bacchus Green man. 

In order to lift the stone I had to employ my engine crane and I kept this piece of equipment out for use with my woodpecker for roughing out but also in case I needed to move my piece of stone again. It is great to have plenty of benches so I can be working on more than one carving at a time.

As you may be aware I have a good list of commissions on the go at the moment, all of them are hand carved but they are not all house signs, in this set of pictures I also have a Silver Wedding Anniversary present. This is taken from a pendant in the form of a Love Spoon. Both these commissions are drawn out to the customers specifications. The font for Soneck House and the Sun motif is lifted from my customers business livery and I worked hard to get it exactly right, it is finished with Gold leaf and black paint and finally I oiled the slate to give it a beautiful depth of colour and enhance the Gold leaf.


Lots of lovely new carvings for sale.

6 September, 2017 – 4:26 pm

I have been busy quarrying, drawing, designing, carving and gilding over the last 6wks. Mingled with children’s carving activities and I have also hand carved and completed a wide variety of hand carved commissions, including house signs, Hares and even a Blackbird, these photos can be found in my gallery. At the moment I am working to a 10wk waiting list for commissions so if you haven’t already commissioned your Christmas gifts then please get in touch soon.
I am currently designing and carving my Christmas selection and some lovely new designs to inspire you, so watch this space.

Here is a selection of my latest carvings available to buy in my shop.

Acorns and Oak leaves are found throughout the Forest of Dean so what better to carve in this beautiful Forest of Dean sandstone.

I carvedthis lovely girls face in a piece of stone that I rescued from the scrap pile at the Llanthony Secunda Priory and would have been part of a larger piece, originally on the brick stable block, it still has the original tooling on the back. Cotswold limestone, Minchinhampton or Painswick.

The plaited leaves are carved in Tetbury limestone, I have finished this carving with some simple flowers.

I love designing and carving fun words, here are my latest, carved in Forest of Dean sandstone and finished with 23 3/4 carat gold leaf. this finish does make them more expensive but ultimately lasts longer.

My clocks are carved in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the pieces of random stone that I choose. I am currently waiting for a delivery of clock mechanisms to finish off some more that I have made.

I have been working from my drawings of a broken seashell and these are the photos of my latest carving.

All of these carvings can be carved to your specification; stone type, font style, and finish. You can choose from a wide selection of designs that I have already drawn in my extensive sketchbooks, the price depends on the size, stone type and finish but I am happy to design something to suit any budget. Larger pieces and multiple words do incur a design fee but this is to cover my time and cost obviously depends on how much time.

If you are planning a visit please check my opening times.

I look forward to hearing from you.