Sculpture during Lock-down

26 June, 2020 – 11:19 am

This is where I am at the moment with my carving. There is still about 50 hours work as I am getting to the fiddly bits. The hand that is by the side of her head will be tricky but I have turned it slightly so that it is against her hair and won’t be as vulnerable. 

Unfortunately there is a flaw though the stone, some calcite but it’s not a complete vein and there are voids in her knee so this could never be an outdoor piece or at least she would have to come in during winter.


Welcome back.

14 June, 2020 – 7:36 pm

I am open by appointment only from the 15th June, I have everyone’s safety in mind but following the guidelines I hope to be open properly in July.

I have cleaned and tidied my workshop and shop as well as installing a perspex screen in an effort to make keeping 2 metres apart comfortable and easy.

I have hand sanitiser available and because you will make an appointment either to discuss a commission where I can have designs and the stone ready for you or to have a look at what I have available to buy off my shelves, I can have everything ready for you without compromising our safety.
Please could you wear a mask in my studio, I will have some available if you forget yours or don’t have one.


Go away, don’t go away.

13 June, 2020 – 7:34 pm

I have been working on my sculpture reflecting my emotions during this time.

I still have a few more days work before it is finished but I thought you might like to see some photos that my partner took today while I was busy carving.


Hare carving

11 June, 2020 – 9:24 pm

I’ve been dying to show you this carving, it was a commission for a birthday present so naturally I had to wait until it had been received. Thankfully the birthday girl loved my carving..

I have carved him out of a piece of French limestone.



2 June, 2020 – 6:16 pm

Hi everyone, It’s a tricky time for so many people and I am not going to lie, these last few months have been a real struggle mentally. 

I have tried to keep busy with my carving and drawing, gardening and tidying but I am looking forward to welcoming you all back…it will be very different though.

From the 15th June Taurus Crafts will be re-opening to the public.

I will be operating an appointment only system, you will be able to book up to an hour to come and see what is in my shop or to discuss a commission. If I don’t have any bookings then I will have a one at a time for any visitors that are on site and would like to look.

I have and open workshop so I will be putting a perspex screen up next to my sink on one of my cabinets so that if I am working here you can feel comfortable looking at these items.

No one will be allowed into my workshop area without a prior appointment so that I can prepare what I need to discuss your requirements.

If you would like to get in touch please click this link.

I have ordered some hand sanitiser and a wall mount to fix to the wall just inside my door which will be available to you as a customer.

I can accept credit card payments over the phone and bacs and my card machine will be sanitised after every use.