Sphere sculpture.

26 February, 2021 – 10:57 am

I have drawn this design to carve into the Tetbury limestone sphere that I carved a few years ago.

For several years this sphere delighted my visitors, particularly children as something they could touch and roll around on the floor of my studio. I brought it home in the Summer to carve something onto it.

I thought it would be fun to carve a face on both sides, I am looking forward to seeing what develops as I carve into the stone, my drawings are generally a stepping off point not a precise representation of the finished carving.



Some examples of my early sculptures

14 February, 2021 – 3:49 pm

I have been looking through some of my early carvings and these ones have stood out as some of my favourites.

 These two carvings always gravitated together and I was happy when they sold as a pair. They are carved out of Syreford limestone and demonstrate one of the few examples of a male face.

 ‘Sleep tight’ was carved out of a large piece of Tetbury limestone, roughly 28 x 18 x 18 inches. It had hard fossily veins through it which made it a challenging piece to carve. She was sold in 2006 and resides at a private residences in the Cotswolds.

 ‘I am the wind’ was carved out of Tetbury limestone from 2006. she was roughly 5 x 5 x 10 inches. She was sold not long after I carved her and found a home on the Island of Paxos off the Greek coast. 

I am looking forward to revisiting some of my early ideas now that my skill has reached a level that I can realise my more complicated ideas.


House sign commissions

10 February, 2021 – 6:08 pm

Since the beginning of the latest lockdown, like many people I have struggled to develop my work flow in my new surroundings. I have finally got used to working in my living room with my paints, gold leaf and drawing equipment and then carving in my shed.

I have finished the commissions that I received before Christmas and over the last 2 weeks I have been pushing my online presence on Facebook in order to generate some new commissions. I am pleased to say I have had some new house numbers to carve.

Before I can carve the house names and numbers I have to spend some time drawing the designs on the stone, obviously this is more difficult as my customers are at the end of an email not in my studio. I draw a few drafts to pin down what they want and then once they are happy I can make a start.

The first thing I need to know is stone type, generally Welsh slate or Forest of Dean sandstone, then size and whether they would like sawn or natural edge. I have a good selection of stone in my studio-now in my shed to give my customers some choice, this may seem a lot of work but trust me the finished piece is worth the effort.

Here are some designs that I have drawn not all have been chosen but this is the starting point. I have some of these carved now but not painted/gilded yet and I also have one piece that I can’t publish yet as it’s a Wedding present.

These are some of my completed commissions including some in between photos.

I have some new commissions to get on with this week as well as ordering some stone but everything takes longer at the moment because of the pandemic. It’s very cold outside in my shed at the moment so that is quite a big factor in my work schedule but I have warm clothes and a good heater so I can spend a few hours out there.

Obviously I am looking forward to getting back on with the War memorial but the piece of stone is outside my workshop.

If you have an idea for a commission please feel free to get in touch and we can have a chat about what you would like.

Take care and stay safe



Just a quick update.

1 February, 2021 – 4:10 pm
It is very difficult to develop a flow when most of what I need is at my workshop, the tools I’m using at the moment are inside and my stone is in my shed, golly it’s cold out there. So I have been generating some more commissions by contacting people and updating my facebook page with photos of house numbers…
These are some examples that I have outside my workshop. 
I have spent today working on my computer and while it hasn’t all been work, I am not sure where it’s has gone. I have some new commissions and a rather large memorial that I have designed to get one with once I can return to my studio, as well as the all important and constantly on my mind War memorial for Mitcheldean and Abenhall.
I have some bookends to finish and hope to get on with those tomorrow and then a wedding present to carve.
I am planning a trip to my studio later to get some more equipment and packaging for posting house numbers.
I have some lovely pieces of stone suitable for all types of carving, whether it’s words, numbers or a statement piece for your home or garden so please don’t be afraid to get in touch if you have an idea.
I hope you are all staying safe and not going too stir crazy,
Take care everyone, Carrie.

Drawing and designing.

18 January, 2021 – 1:19 pm
During this time of quiet, I am finding that my mind has started to free up from the busy world of running my own business and being on the go all the time.
My ideas come from my imagination but are drawn out of my interest in Medieval history, with a natural progression to Art Nouveau and Pre-Raphaelite paintings and sculptures.
Most of my sculpture degree focused on portrait and figurative sculpture from live models, be it painting and drawing or sculpted directly into clay so it is only natural that I would find my comfort zone in this subject matter.
Here are my two latest sketches for some new carvings.
I will be using French limestone as it has a lovely fine texture so is perfectly suited for fine detail as you can see in my Angel sculpture.