Lifting the stone

24 July, 2020 – 9:38 pm

Today was the day, the stone was lifted upright by a dedicated sculpture moving team. The stone weighs just over 3.5 tonnes so the 5t lifting equipment was just what was needed. With a bit of adjustment and re-positioning of the stone the lifting could commence.

Between Damon and Max the stone was lifted and stood up, once the gantry crane had been re-positioned for the last time I obviously had to have a go at lifting the 3.5t block off the ground before it was lowered into it’s resting place and levelled ready for me to start drawing the 1st World War details tomorrow (Saturday)


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  2. Just been to Taurus (2.9.2020), so sorry to hear about your broken elbow. Hope it soon mends well and that your swimming routine is not too badly affected,
    Martin and Rose

    By Martin on Sep 13, 2020

  3. Just been to Taurus, Sorry to hear about your broken elbow. Hope it mends soon and well and that your swimming regime has not been too badly affected
    Martin & Rose, Chepstow

    By Martin on Sep 13, 2020

  4. Dear Martin, thank you. I am wearing my sling less as per instructions. I may be able to swim in 3wks time but that depends on how my elbow feels. I haven’t got a cast they recommend to start moving it as soon as I can. I can start carving again once it’s healed so 5 more weeks. but obviously that will be a gradual thing. thankfully I have been left hand training. I hope to be back in my shop as a shop girl only in a few weeks, I can walk to work which is a relief . xxx

    By Caroline Horwood on Sep 13, 2020

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