Have a go sessions.

Due to my current workload my next activity sessions will be in July and August, I will post dates once I have them.

I understand that not all school holidays happen at the same time. I am happy to accomodate other dates and times. Just get in touch.

Ages 5+ please wear sturdy shoes and tie you hair back.

I ask that a parent or guardian be there at all times.

My young friend Cale here is not wearing safety glasses as he was just posing for the shot, they all wear safety glasses while they are carving.

I will provide safety glasses.

Anyone can have a go at £5/person it is roughly 20 mins a session, although you can’t take away the stone, you can make a rubbing of your creation to show off.

Alternatively for £20/person you can have a go on a piece of 4 inch square Tetbury limestone, this up to an hour and you get to take your creation home.


Here is Hamish and Callum having a go at carving their initials.

I will have eyebath on standby but sometimes we get dust in our eyes the important thing is not to rub your eyes, just let them water.