This gallery shows some of my sculptures which are still available for sale and some of the images are of past commissions or work that I have sold, I hope it gives you some idea of what I can achieve. Prices start from £50.

This gallery shows some examples of the smaller items that I carve, they are completely unique and make excellent gifts for friends and family. Prices start from £13.

The Green man is a favourite amongst stonemasons as there are so many of them to see and copy in historic buildings, but also we can use our imagination to carve what we like within this genre-I tend to carve from my imagination, but I can work from pictures and drawings. I also have some examples of my Gargoyles and Grotesques, Flowers and Leaves amongst this album. Prices start from £75.

As a qualified Stonemason/Conservator, I find myself involved in some very interesting projects, here are some images of projects I have undertaken during the last 5yrs.

I worked for a monumental mason for 18mths and learnt the finer details of letter cutting, gilding and conserving and restoring headstones, here are some examples of the house names, numbers and memorial stones that I have carved.  Memorial carvings can be found on page 8 & 9.

Prices are charged per letter and depend on the size type and finish plus the cost of the stone. I am happy to carve stone that you bring me but this is subject to my inspection-too hard, too weathered, liable to break or weather too quickly that sort of thing.

If you like to look after our feathered friends or would just like to hear the gentle gurgle of a water feature, please have a look at this gallery to give you some ideas, I can work to any design and can design to suit any garden size. Prices start from £100.

I have some fabulous books detailing the methods for setting out knotwork, this is a very tricky thing to carve but the effects are lovely. The slate doesn’t need to be too thick so these make excellent wall mountable decorations. Prices start from £65.

I have been busy designing and making some lovely new pendants and earrings using Welsh slate and red Jasper from N. Ireland. All my jewellery is made using Sterling silver wire and soldered where necessary.

All my pendants are hung on leather or cotton thong and can be made to the length that suits you. Because I use a degradable material I use silver plated findings-the thong would perish if you wore the pendant everyday for a year and ultimately be thrown away-however I can use sterling silver findings this would just alter the cost slightly. Alternatively they could be hung on a Sterling silver chain which would enhance the beauty of my pendants.

My earrings are made with hooks but I have found some very good sterling silver clips so if you don’t have your ears pierced don’t panic!