4 May, 2020 – 9:12 am

I spent most of April carving my stone sculptures and carving a whole new batch of my ever popular hand carved letters. I have been commissioned to carve some new house signs for people so that is what I was working on last week.

One of the signs which I have carved, painted and gilded is now ready for sanding to finish it off but I am still working on a raised letter sign. There are a few signs that just need their fixing holes drilled and two that I have only just drawn out ready to to carve.

The last 3 in the pictures I was commissioned to carve during lock-down, I emailed pictures and types of stone to my prospective customers and they chose or approved what I had drawn. The image with 4 pieces of stone are so my customer could choose her stone and font type. I am able to get on with these and then they can be collected once we are able to start returning to our lives.

I take a deposit which can be done with my credit card machine over the phone.

I have a couple of other commissions to start as well so if you would like to discuss an idea for a sculpture or some letter-cutting please get in touch.


Day 4 of the backyard stone carving event.

26 April, 2020 – 6:20 pm

Didn’t get as much done on my carving as I had hoped as I needed to tend my garden just in case it rains.

I am really pleased with my progress and this represents about 24 hours of carving over the last 4 days. There is still alot of chopping out, detail to put in and eventually under-cutting. I hope to finish carving it next week but I have a couple of commissions to carve.

All the carvings that I am creating during this lock-down will be available from my shop.


Day 3 of the backyard stone carving event

25 April, 2020 – 4:55 pm

Had a great day carving and I was very thankful for my gazebo as it was another gloriously hot and sunny day.

Before I got started this little creature was on my stone, I hadn’t realised that she was laying eggs and unfortunately the eggs didn’t make it, the creature did though, she flew off.

Hopefully you can start to see what I have in my mind now and obviously tomorrow I might get close to finishing it.

I am not working with a reverse template for the sphere, which represents planet Earth but I am happy that it looks right so far. I am not sure what detail I will add, this depends on the detail that I am able to get with the rest of the carving.


Day 2 of the backyard stone carving event

24 April, 2020 – 5:17 pm

Another hot and sunny day again today, had to put my gazebo up (with some help from my boyfriend) so I could get on and carve in my garden workshop.

Here are some photos showing how far I have got today.

This idea was a simple outline to start with but with many of my carvings of this type they evolve as my ideas develop, the quality of the stone also makes a difference and often determine how much detail I am able to achieve.



Backyard stone carving festival. Lock down.

23 April, 2020 – 6:59 pm

This really is a strange time for us all but one of my stonemason friends thought it would be a good idea to hold a socially distanced stonemason’s festival.

I have been working out of my garden with my makeshift easel for letter cutting, one of my benches from my workshop and a growing pile of stone at various stages of carving. 

This one is what I have been working on, in between the  letter cutting, painting and gilding but these jobs are on hold for a few days so I can take part in this festival. 

How I feel sometimes during this global crisis.

There were two themes, I chose ‘nature takes over’. My idea is the planet suspended in amongst plants, leaves and flowers, maybe even a butterfly, I have several types to choose from fluttering around my garden.

I have made a few sketches and I have some beautiful climbing plants ready to burst into flower for my inspiration.

The stone is a piece if Tetbury limestone with fossils and calcite veins but it is solid, dense and hard so it will hold detail quite well.

Here’s the starting process from today.